Dan Koenig AKA Dandelion

I have been tattooing since 1995.  I have been tattooed by around 50 people and have traveled the globe tattooing and getting tattooed.  I am truly blessed to have been where I have and to be where I am.  
My goal is to pass on that sweetness to my customers.


I found my way to San Francisco in 1987 where I worked as a bike messenger and silk screener before becoming immersed the tattoo world for the next 20 years. I helped manage Ed Hardy’s legendary Tattoo City while learning the craft from Hardy, Freddy Corbin and others. With tattooing and an enterprising spirit added to my DNA, I eventually returned to Des Moines in 1997 to open Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo.


In 2010, I also dove into my other love... bicycles. I opened Ichi Bike, which resides in the East Village of Des Moines, where I transform old neglected bicycles and create electric bicycles as well.


You can find photos of my bicycles and my tattoos at my Instagram: @ichibike
Email me at ichibike29@gmail.com