Ace Wilde

I've had a love for tattooing my whole life. I got into the tattoo business in late 1998. I started working with Bert Duchene at a shop that no longer exists on the south side of Des Moines, Iowa. I started collecting and learning from quite a number of tattooers. I have managed and was the proprietor of many shops in the Des Moines area, including Expo 2 Extreme, Ink Addiction, Sacred Skin & Hair, and Outlaw Ink. But, I have never stopped learning.


I went through many positive life changes which lead to being able to join Dan here at YDD in 2007. My skill and love for tattooing has progressed and flourished ten-fold since. I try to put that much passion into every tattoo that I do. I have now focused my craft, doing my own drawn on, traditional, floral and sacred geometry tattoos. I now travel and tattoo around the country, and am always looking for more opportunities in that department.


If you would like to see the tattoos right as I do them, or if you want to see photos of Boston Terriers and vegan food, please follow me at my Instagram: @acewilde
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